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The Savages by maxprodanov The Savages :iconmaxprodanov:maxprodanov 32 4 Beginning 2016: GARO by luisarellano Beginning 2016: GARO :iconluisarellano:luisarellano 6 0 SBR by rainberry SBR :iconrainberry:rainberry 196 4 shiny jojos by rainberry shiny jojos :iconrainberry:rainberry 987 41 Joseph Joestar by MGabric Joseph Joestar :iconmgabric:MGabric 159 10 + JJBA + Caesar A Zeppeli + by KajikoKylance + JJBA + Caesar A Zeppeli + :iconkajikokylance:KajikoKylance 305 28
2014 Mascot Contest
It's contest time!  We're staring our Mascot Contest very early this year to give everyone tons of time to work on their contest entry.  We hope to see many entries this year since the theme is also not as restrictive as last year's.
Contest Rules
Only members of ARTISTICANIMANGA can participate.  No watchers, affiliates, or non-members may participate.
All contest entries must be made specifically for this contest.  This means you cannot submit a deviation that was made before this contest was announced.  Your entry must be dated on or after the start date of the contest (October 20th, 2013).
You can submit a maximum of two (2) entries, but you can only win once.
All contest entries must have the group icon in the artist's comment area.
In the artist comments, you must give this group, ARTISTICANIMANGA, permission to edit, manipulate, alter, use (basically we need written permission so that we, the group staff, can actually use your entry as a mascot if
:iconartisticanimanga:ArtisticAnimanga 26 42
Group Icon Changed!
We've changed recently our group Icon!! Thanks to Hoshicchi !!
Here it is!!
What to you think? Do you like it!? c:
Have a nice day and thank you for reading ~
:iconanime-style-group:Anime-style-group 2 7
3rd Semester! :D
Not too many news in a way, but it's time for a new journal entry nonetheless! :)
I'm done with the 2nd semester of my Illustration/Design study, so 5 more semesters to go! :heart: It's so much fun and I'm really looking forward to next week when the 3rd semester will start.
The past weeks were very busy and I'm still trying to catch up with everything. I'm working on several projects - commissions as well as personal things - so I guess the busy time is not yet over...!
At least I survived my first real convention as an artist with my own little booth. :heart: I even spent my birthday at the con and although it was super exhausting I had much fun. :3
Hopefully I'll find some time to work on things I can submit here. I've been awful quiet and I'm sorry for that.
If you want to keep updated, be sure to check my tumblr every once in a while. I tend to post little sketches or wips and the like there.
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HERZBLUT Vol. 1 [GER-version] up for sale!
Yeeeha! w00t!
I worked the past months on volume 1 of the printed version of my webcomic 'HERZBLUT'!
For the printed version I had to re-scan the old pages so I could screentone and letter them anew. The 1st volume contains the prologue and the first interlude. There's also a couple of extras (4 panel strips, bios, sexy and beautiful guestarts of four very talented dear friends of mine...!) - all in all there are 44 pages! :D
If you're interested, there are some few copies left.
New Check out my storenvy for the comic, as well as some postcards I'm selling:
It's, as the title says, the German version.
Please let me know if you're interested in an English version as well and I might work on that as well some time soon. :)
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Jump Birthday List
Since I know most of you like to make birthday fanart for your favorite characters, I decided to put up this list of birthday for the multitude of Jump characters.  This list will be a WIP as I don't have every birthday memorized and will have to go through my manga collection to get some of them.  Of course if anyone is willing to help by sending me birthdays that I could add, that would be much appreciated.
January 1
Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
Maito Gai (Naruto)
Tao Ren (Shaman King)
Shihouin Yoruichi (Bleach)
Sephiria Arks (Black Cat)
Miranda Lotto (D. Gray-Man)
Ichiryu (Toriko)
Gid Lucione Deviluke (To Love-Ru)
Urabe Hanji (Captain Tsubasa)
January 2
Swada Takeshi (Captain Tsubasa)
January 4
Kranz Maduke (Black Cat)
January 6
Amidamaru (Shaman King)
January 7
López (Captain Tsubasa)
January 8
Emporio Ivankov (One Piece)
Kijima Matako (Gintama)
January 9
Woodney (Black Cat)
Bryan Cruyffort (Captain Tsubasa)
January 1
:icontrue-shonen-jump-fc:True-Shonen-Jump-FC 7 20
+ JJBA + Merry Christmas + by KajikoKylance + JJBA + Merry Christmas + :iconkajikokylance:KajikoKylance 64 23 Giorno Giovanna by luisarellano Giorno Giovanna :iconluisarellano:luisarellano 8 5 Sadako Sasaki inks by luisarellano Sadako Sasaki inks :iconluisarellano:luisarellano 29 8 An Ultimates cover inking practice by luisarellano An Ultimates cover inking practice :iconluisarellano:luisarellano 35 16 10th Year Anniversary by Kaze-Hime 10th Year Anniversary :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 4,723 130

Newest Deviations

caster Cuhullin by george-george caster Cuhullin :icongeorge-george:george-george 19 1 Gerhard by george-george Gerhard :icongeorge-george:george-george 13 0 pure HELL by george-george pure HELL :icongeorge-george:george-george 22 5 bort by george-george bort :icongeorge-george:george-george 41 1 Honey Flash! by george-george Honey Flash! :icongeorge-george:george-george 53 2 Cutie Honey U by george-george Cutie Honey U :icongeorge-george:george-george 86 3 ohanami by george-george ohanami :icongeorge-george:george-george 25 2 TETSUYA by george-george TETSUYA :icongeorge-george:george-george 19 1 Poet and Smile by george-george Poet and Smile :icongeorge-george:george-george 26 1 Assassin of Shinjuku by george-george Assassin of Shinjuku :icongeorge-george:george-george 20 0 Enma by george-george Enma :icongeorge-george:george-george 24 3 Kouji(28),Kouji(16),Kouji(13)!! by george-george Kouji(28),Kouji(16),Kouji(13)!! :icongeorge-george:george-george 26 2 Gorgeous Irene by george-george Gorgeous Irene :icongeorge-george:george-george 37 1 Rakugaki Kouji Kabuto! by george-george Rakugaki Kouji Kabuto! :icongeorge-george:george-george 17 2 Happy Halloween (FGO Tamamo_no_mae) by george-george Happy Halloween (FGO Tamamo_no_mae) :icongeorge-george:george-george 48 2 Happy Halloween 2017 (MazinKaiserSKL) by george-george Happy Halloween 2017 (MazinKaiserSKL) :icongeorge-george:george-george 29 2
I'd posted drawings more than dA's 
gallery, Please check this out!:) (Smile) 

2 Slots

Commi by george-george

No refund.
One slot= one drawing, one character.
PNG format(digital file only).
Your name will be added the pic😉
Only simple backgrounds
I’ll draw in my own style. 
I need several days.
I’ll post the pic to my online websites and SNSs few days after.

Color headshot 30$(USD)
Color bustshot 40$(USD)
Color half body 60$(USD)(anime style)
Color half body 65$(USD)(Social network game style)

1・Anime style
2・Social network game style
See reference images.
(large size)


Miku Hatsune by george-george OC-17 by george-george

Weapon/similar object: 10$(USD)
Add Pet/plushie : 5$(USD)
hard detail : 10$(USD)

■PAYMENT : Paypal

Cute female characters make me happy(´ ▽ ` )
soft sexy (like reference images, swimsuits, and so on)

mechanics/heavy armor/complicated weapons
real person/real animal/MMOs and the like
In this time, male characters.

■About YOUR OC
ONLY for PERSONAL USE (NOT commercial, NOT profitable, NOT reproduce, NOT distribute, and so on)
You can post SNSs, use icon and header.
You can use your movies and you appear/play your character in movies are created by your friends (like RPG replay movie.) In this case, I’m so glad if you let me know.
If you want to facial expression, extra price 2$(USD)per facial expression. 

ONLY for PERSONAL USE (NOT commercial, NOT profitable, NOT reproduce, NOT distribute, and so on)
You can post SNSs, use icon and header.
You CANNOT use your movies and you appear/play the character in any movies are created by your friends.

★I can only take them on dA★
“Batman: The Animated Series”,”The New Batman Adventures”,”Superman: The Animated Series”,”Teen Titans”,”Batman Beyond”,”Justice League”,”Justice League Unlimited” and ”X-men Evolution”.

On deviantArt, I cannot take Japanese copyrighted works.
Because “Commissions" are poorly understood in Japan. This means if I take this, I will be punished😰 I appreciate your understanding in this matter!

▼How to order▼
You send me a note using “COMMISSION FORM”

I send you a note saying “You got it” or not.

I send a rough sketch.

You check it. If you want to revise, you can change one time during this stage.

If you are okay with that, I send a Paypal invoice.
Please pay within 72 hours.
After you paid, I’ll start working.

When I finished I will send you a screen shot.
If you like it I will upload it on dA and send you a high resolution one of that.

Revisions are limited. You can change one time during rough sketch stage.
After the sketch is approved, no changes except I got wrong some color. After coloring is approved by you, no more changes will be admitted in the future.

・your name
・commission type : headshot/bustshot/harfbody
・reference of the character
・name and personality/expression of the character
・Email address

My English is limited…I hope you'll go easy on me🙏
Let me know If those sentences have misleading or wrong words.
I am always thankful for deviants kindness.
Feel free ask if you have anything you don’t understand.


I like Yukkuri Voice's Call of Cthulhu RPG movies.(like this movie)
Do you have any recommendations of like this type, let me know~~~~!!!

I'm going to prepare to take commissions, so I'll keep you posted.

About fan art, I will only take American comic characters.
Because "commissions" are poorly understood in Japan.Really Sad
I want you to read the report of this stamp first of all. 

I got to know some days ago.
Although not written to this report, bear bile is sold also at Japan as a traditional medicine. 

I'm very shameful because I'm not having known this until now.
Most Japanese do not know this yet.
I never bought that medicine(since it was not required), and I WILL NEVER buy it.

Since images are very shocking, I do not stretch a link. 
This hell continues for dozens of years every day. 
It is cruel in a true meaning. 

★I beg you please tell this to other persons.
It becomes POWER that many people get to know this. 
There are many things which you and I CAN carry out. 
Please tell everyone. 
Thank you for reading!

Sign (Warning: There is a shocking picture) : 

Donate :
The link to donation is in the report of the stamp. (I did)


george-george's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
The CAT's name is MAI, means "DANCE" in Japanese.
She lives in heaven now.
I always love her.

I signed up dA long ago.
However, I had kept away dA.
I came back at last in Dec, 2012!

My English is just a little.
I hope you'll go easy on me.


Bile is Vile by TipsyDigital


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